The aim of the MTI is to offer the Participants a forum to preserve and develop the capabilities of their mountain troops with the long-term perspective to enhance the European Union’s capability to operate in mountainous areas.


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Participants are the eight founding members of the initiative (AUT, BEL, BGR, DEU, HRV, NLD, POL, SVN, in alphabetical order)
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Planning Committee

Within the framework of the MTI-MoU, the Planning Committee (PC) is set up to manage the MTI, being the sole body to decide on all MTI-related matters
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Lead Nation

Austria as Lead Nation of MTI chairs the initiative, providing all kinds of admistrative matters for conferences and expert talks

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States that have an Administrative Arrangement with the European Defence Agency (EDA) can be invited
as Observers to MTI meetings or to parts thereof. Observers may not participate in the decision making process.

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Permanent Guests

Permanent Guests are institutions or organisations that cannot become Participant due to the regulation stated in the MoU, but permanent participation in the P&S MTI is in the interest of the Participants and the permanent guest.

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A Guest is primarily an EU member state (or a state that has a Administrative Arrangement with the EDA) that has no other status and is seeking for Participant or Observer.


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Capability Development

Identification of requirements for individual and units´ capabilities and procedures as well as roadmap establishment for syndicate work and support to Exercise Series as required (EMP) and to NATO MW COE publications development.

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Needs & Offers

Identification of required training/infrastructural needs as well as coordination of partner nations offers and establishment of feasible procedures for participation.

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Collect and gather identified lessons from operations/exercises/training concerning mountain training warfare ICCW NATO MW COE and establish a process to evaluate, verify LI and develop recommendations ICCW NATO MW COE