The General Command Polish Armed Forces (GC PAF) and the Austrian Armed Forces (AAF) Training Coordination Division herewith extend an invitation to take part in an international conference on the EU P&S MOUNTAIN TRAINING INITIATIVE, scheduled for 21 June to 23 June 2022.
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06_Adminorder_Annex_E_Needs_Offers_ExT_2022.pptx Basic Document 0 B
05_Adminorder_Annex_D_Reservation_Form_2022.pdf Basic Document 0 B
05_20220622_CZE_MTI_Needs&Offers_ExT_2023_PLENUM.pptx Basic Document 0 B
04_Adminorder_Annex_C_Terrain_Orientation_2022_compressed.pdf Basic Document 0 B
04_20220622_BEL_Needs&Offers_ExT_2023_PLENUM.pptx Basic Document 0 B
03_Adminorder_Annex_B_Registration_Form_ExT_2022.doc Basic Document 0 B
03_20220622_AUT_Needs&Offers_ExT_2023_PLENUM.pptx Basic Document 0 B
02_Adminorder_Annex_A_Conference_Schedule_ExT_2022.pdf Basic Document 0 B
02_20220622_AUT_Introduction_PLENUM.pptx Basic Document 0 B
01_Adminorder_Expert_Talks_2022.pdf Basic Document 0 B
01_20220622_AUT_Welcome_PLENUM.pptx Basic Document 0 B
23_20220623_BGR_MTI RODOPI 23_PLENUM.ppt Basic Document 13.2 MB
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