The Austrian Joint Forces Command (AJFC) herewith extends an invitation to take part in an international conference on the EU P&S MOUNTAIN TRAINING INITIATIVE, scheduled for 2nd to 4th May 2016.

Conference Specifications:
  • The conference will be contacted by the Austrian Joint Forces Command
  • Officer scheduling the conference: BG Karl Pernitsch, J7, AJFC.
  • The Expert Talks will be organized in the form of two syndicates in parallel operation and work in the auditorium.
Conference Objectives:
  • Syndicate work (parallel)
    • Syndicate Standardisation
    • Syndicate LI/LL concept development start meeting
  • Needs and Offers 2017 and following
  • Presentation of the MTA SEETALER ALPE
  • Presentation/Briefing on the NATO MW COE fields of activity by a COE representative
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