Form/Type:                    LIVEX
Training Audience:        Mountain Infantry Troops
Date:                              06 jun - 17 jun 2016
Areas/ Sites:                  TA LIZUM/WALCHEN, ABSAM

CAPRICORN is a series of Live-Exercises (LIVEX) for Mountain Infantry Troops conducted by the HQ of the 6MINFBDE. The exercise is tailored to train BN-sized task forces in high alpine terrain. Since the beginning of the series, the LIVEX was executed on a bi-national basis between the two partner-brigades (AUT)6MINFBDE (ABSAM) and (GER)23MINFBDE (BAD REICHENHALL).
Due to the fact that AUSTRIA was determined as the Lead-Nation within the Pooling & Sharing Mountain Training Initiative, 6MINFBDE would like to conduct the exercise on a multi-lateral basis for mountain troops of EU-partners. Consequently, MTI-member States as well as other international partners are invited to participate in the LIVEX CAPRICORN 2016.

The scenario of the LIVEX CAPRICORN 2016 is an EU-led stabilization operation in which EUFOR has to counter sub-conventional warfare.
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