The Netherlands Maritime Warfare Centre and the Austrian Joint Forces Command herewith extend an invitation to take part in an international conference on the EU P&S MOUNTAIN TRAINING INITIATIVE, scheduled for 22nd to 24th November 2016.

Conference Specifications:
  • The conference will be conducted by the Netherlands Maritime Warfare Centre and the Austrian Joint Forces Command
  • Officer hosting the conference: KTZ VOOIJS Cees, Head Maritime Warfare Centre, Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Officer scheduling the conference: BG PERNITSCH Karl, J7, Austrian Joint Forces Command.
  • Officer conducting the conference: LTC RITZ Matthias, Chief, Mountain Training Section/J7 Branch/Austrian Joint Forces Command
  • Sweden will most probably participate as a full member provided that Poland and the Netherlands have singed the Note of Joining by that time.

Conference Objectives:
  • 2nd Planning Committee Meeting (for “National Representatives“ of MTI-participating Nations only)
  • Annual Conference 2016
  • Process the request of the Czech Republic to become an MTI participant.
  • Syndicate Work on Standardisation
  • Needs and Offers  for 2017 and later
  • Presentation of the NLD J-KCMOX
  • Site Survey
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