The Austrian Land Forces Command (ALFC) here with extends an invitation to take part in an international conference on the EU P&S MOUNTAIN TRAINING INITIATIVE, scheduled for 9th to 11th May 2017.

Before the Expert Talks, the 1st coordination meeting for the exercise “CAPRICORN 2018” takes place.

The Austrian Mountain Warfare Command will give a briefing about the exercise on 9th May at 1300 hours in the ANDREAS HOFER barracks.

The coordination meeting will end at 1800 hours on 9th May.

Conference Specifications:
  • The conference will be conducted by the Austrian Land Forces Command
  • Officer scheduling the conference: BG Karl Pernitsch, G7, ALFC
  • The Expert Talks will be organized in the form of three syndicates in parallel operation and work in the auditorium. 
Conference Objectives:
  • Syndicate work (parallel)
    • Syndicate Standardisation
    • Syndicate LI/LL
    • MTI Procedures
      •  Aim for this syndicate should be the development of
        • standard operation procedures
        • rules and reglements
        • basic knowledge- and informationmanagementinternal workflow (PC - syndicate; syndicate - syndicate members)
        • using the MTI WebSite
      • to ensure and force the collaborative work within the MTI community.
        • Executing a first and constituent syndicate meeting to checknational willing and possibilitiesfinding syndicate leader and membersdesign the way ahead
        • Personal Profile of a ToR&SOP syndicate member
        • Staff Officer (mainly S6 / CIS branch; NOT double headed)
        • Well educated in staff procedures
        • Should have a positive affinity to IT systems (CMS) and organizational design
        • Has enough national potency (rank) to check and verify the syndicate products with the national authority for the proposals to the Planning Committee (PC)
    • Needs and Offers 2018 and following
The conference will be hosted by the Austrian Mountain Warfare Command
Officer Conducting the Conference: LTC RITZ Matthias, Chief, Mountain Training Section/G7 Branch/ALFC
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