From March 15 to 16, 2017 the Edelweiss Raid will take place in the Tux Alps for the eight time in 2017. This mountain combat competition is very popular and is organizd by Kommando Gebirgskampf.

In addition to teams from Austria, the Absamer soldiers can also welcome teams from nine other nations in the Tyrol.

 This physically extremely challenging team competition is about covering a distance of more than 40 kilometers and 4000 meters of altitude through high alpine terrain within two days. In addition, military and alpine tasks have to be solved.

The teams consist of eight soldiers, who have to cope with the stations in the group. These include, for example, the overnight stay in a bivouac at an altitude of 2037m, climbing over difficult rock ridges, orientation in the terrain, shooting in the alpine region, the search for "victims" or the recovery and removal of an injured person. In 2017 teams from ten nations will participate in the toughest military mountain competition in the world.

Teams from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Italy, England, Russia and Romania compete with Austrian soldiers.

The home title defenders will be back on the podium again this time.

An exciting competition is guaranteed.

 The "Edelweiss Raid" is organized by the Kommando Gebirgskampf, the national and international know-how and force provider in the area of ​​mountain combat and mountain education. In addition, the Kommando Gebirgskampf is the leader in the European training co-operation "Mountain Training Initiative (MTI)". The goal of the Mountain Taining Initiative is to ensure a uniform military mountain education for all participating States.